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A Word from the Volunteer Coordinator, Minister Kathryn R. Johnson ...

Welcome to Covenant Outreach Through Advocacy and Agency Networking  (COTAAN)

COTAAN, a ministry of Covenant Baptist Church is charged with helping women returning to society from incarceration. COTAAN’s special focus is assisting women by providing “A soft landing for those coming from a hard start” through spiritual guidance, emotional, physical and social support, and identifying paths to economic self-sufficiency.

To Our Program Participants 

As the Volunteer Coordinator, it is my prayer that COTAAN be a station of hope as you seek a fresh start re-entering society. I pray that COTAAN can be a bridge to gaining employment, developing greater self-awareness and repairing relationships through spiritual care sessions, obtain sound financial footing through financial management training, and develop a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

To Those Seeking Volunteer Opportunities 

We give God praise and welcome your desire to volunteer your time and expertise in this awesome privilege to assist women transitioning from incarceration to a position as a productive member of society.

For volunteer opportunities, please call (216) 303-9790 or email:

In His Service

Minister Kathryn Johnson

Volunteer Coordinator